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Mr & Ms Muscle Beach (my participation)

I've spent 4th of July in Venice Beach before but 2014 was different. This time I competed.

I wasn't nervous at all
Muscle Beach annually holds three summer holiday contests (open to amateurs) for bodybuilding enthusiasts (and awestruck/gawking passers-by). When I learned legendary bodybuilder Chris Dickerson, a personal favorite of mine, was going to be in attendance for induction into the Hall of Fame (video clip) I was motivated to enter. So excited, in fact, that I cancelled a trip abroad (no easy feat considering today's greedy airline bullshit), increased my focus in the gym, learned to make protein bars, and started regularly working on poses.

The rather exorbitant $80 entry fee is no drop in the bucket for me but, like I said, I was really excited this time and made up my mind to give it the old college try. So I did. Felt a little giddy in the beginning with registration and whatnot; but I stop short of classifying it 'nerves'. I wasn't nervous at all. With the assurance that my posing routine was tight I had but confidence onward. I was in complete command of my posing and breathing -- and took first place in my category!

In addition, the atmosphere among the competitors was admirably sporty. There was NO drama or catty or cocky nonsense backstage. Participants in the Mr & Ms Muscle Beach competition were sociable, approachable, congratulatory to the winners and encouraging to everyone; complimenting each others physiques or posing shorts/bikini; freely asking one another about diet & work-out regiments. As one teen physique competitor shared with me, "I don't think of it as a 'diet' I think of it as a lifestyle." Right on! He showed me his before-after pics and added that now he, not his mother, cooks all his own meals. The vibe could not have been more sportsmanlike and wholesome...a stark contrast to my experience bodybuilding in MexicoThe most consistent thing I overheard spoke to the amateur spirit of Muscle Beach events for their "fun" and "easy-going" comradery. 

PS: I got to meet and speak with Mr Dickerson; a gentleman athlete if ever there was one! He gave me an autographed picture. Also met pro bodybuilder "Marvelous" Melvin Anthony. Yes, it was an all around memorable Fourth of July. Enjoy these backstage snapshots:   
The vibe could not have been more sportsmanlike and wholesome

1 out of 2 ain't bad

  mother of two adult children?!
Wow mama mia! 
Age ain't nothing but a number

 consulting with luchadores

won my 1st Muscle Beach show!


  1. Alright Tilden, congratulations on the big win. Terry.

  2. Felicidades! No es nada fácil mantener un fisico de competencia y por supuesto, complicado es ganar el primer lugar de tu categoría en un lugar que icono de este deporte
    (estilo de vida).

  3. Thanks guys!!
    Yeah, "no es facil" -- UNLESS you adopt it as a lifestyle; then it's a pleasure keeping fit & healthy.



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