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Bodybuilding in Mexico

UPDATE: Two weeks later I learned from a fellow competitor (who advanced in the judging) that all the winners came from the sponsoring gym. Big surprise! Mexico is corrupt down to its marrow. Tacky...
 I entered a bodybuilding contest in Tepic, Mexico, with three days' notice. The prize money was pretty large and, so I figured, What the heck! In other words it was a calculated risk: either I would place and take home a trophy and dinero or lose long-distance bus fare and entrance fee. I'm always in shape so I felt my chances were pretty good. (Unlike other athletes I don't live like a prize hog 'off-season' and then starve and injure my body 'in-season' for the sake of looking good.)

I didn't win. Didn't even place. Ob la dee, ob la da....

actual pharmacy in
Being a good sport I initially credited my loss to lackluster posing. (Then again with this lot I am sure the abundance of anabolic steroids played a role in their dishonest physiques. Hell, they were drinking wine and eating pizza, cake, cartons of ice cream in the dressing room! Seriously.) 

What really burned me, though, was discovering that backstage someone went through my bag and stole my Swiss Army knife. Wtf?! I hadn't even pulled it out so the bastards weren't tempted; they were simply up to no good. Of course with Mexicans, if I had realized the theft sooner, no one saw anything. The knife was a gift and one of those handy contraptions with 101 different fixers.
Oh well. It could have been worse. The thieve(s) might have made off with my cameras and/or money (which I needed to get back home!)

pecs,strong thighs and abs for days
backstage. Psst,hehehe, see the old men!

baby does squats



  1. WTF? I'd like to see a picture of the winners because I can't imagine that there was anyone there who came close to matching the perfectly proportioned physique that you possess!

  2. That makes two of us! Mexicans are funny that not the first time something like this happened.

    Once I got into a big fight with three of them in Guadalajara - a father and his grown ass sons - because the gym wouldn't let me enter. Because 1) I'm black and 2) I was the best. (For some men losing to a black man is akin to losing to a girl.)

  3. I am embarrassed by the way they act in the Tapatios, it is true, but what's worse is that not only you, an example: You're driving your car and put your turn to change lanes and accelerate to not let go, no way to win cleanly, always looking to cheat to achieve it and that gives it.

  4. Nice body building .Cheers

  5. Thanks Adam. Here's to more competitions -- and wins!


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