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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowline.
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Got Train emoji?

Yes. About twelve of them, to be exact!
That's according to this cute, insightful article on the excesses of emojiis (because, yeah, some Internet people really wonder about this shit).


Back in the swing of things (Golf)

Enjoying a little pitch&putt in Barcelona's Golf Monjuic.

 and out. Next!
 view of '92 Olympic Flame
and Stadium


So little time to do so much in Berlin

Last week's Berlin visit was one of the most fulfilling in recent memory. I revisit the city often; and am always mindful of not doing anything touristy. And that's too bad because Berlin offers loads and loads of attractions for its loads of tourists (I like saying 'loads'). But in my previous mindset I wanted to be in Berlin as if I were living there (because it is a place in which I would love to live) passing the days, not through snapshot poses but, rather, as one takes in the bountiful fun to be had on a normal day in the city.

Obviously it worked otherwise I would've grown bored of the S-Bahn & U-Bahn and stodgy German hospitality by time.
Berlin offers loads and loads of attractions for its loads of tourists...more than hot pretzels and cold beer and sweet ice cream
On this recent trip, though, I did so much more than take in a show and eat gelato. Yes, I went to the opera (Eugene Onegin) and gobbled down hot pretzels and cold beer and sweet ice cream but I also toured the newly opened Spy Museum in Potsdamer Platz; enjoyed a free open-air concert led by Daniel Barenboim on Unter den Linden; traveled down to Potsdam and walked the grounds of the palace, botanical garden and the famous windmill; took in a show of experimental dance & theatre in Prenzlauer Berg by my friend Alexander Carrillo; attended an artists' Sommerfest near Templehof; stayed in a hostel boat on the Spree River; and worked-out at various outdoor gyms in the city (similar to the ones I train at in Barcelona).

Will write more on the specific attractions in post to come. In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots taken with an actual camera that doesn't multitask as a telephone, computer, travel agency or single's bar. The best things in life are simple.

 pic taken by a kind passer-by 
(Because folks don't mind to take your picture if asked)

funky Kreuzberg 

that windmill...

clever camera placement

 ornate interior of opera house 
 "State opera for all" 
aka FREE to the public!

Barenboim shown on large screen 


Big time fitness on Bcn beach

Outdoor gym. Urban training. However you think of it you'll find it aplenty down on the section of beach in Barcelona called Porto Olimpico (near the area hospital). It's a popular spot for physique enthusiasts. (Just don´t mistake it for annoying hipster crossfit. God, those people are passive-yuppie pretentious...not that I didn't consider it at one time.)

A month ago I started training here (and in parks) exclusively because I got fed up with the corporate-politically correct-girly man-gym culture. For me, the last straw landed when parents brought their little daughters inside the men's locker room & showers. Seriously, Spanish people, that's fucking gross. And since I couldn't change the policy I changed where I spent my time & money. Hello!
Muscle pit in Venice Beach, CA
Here are some advantages of this outdoor gym. I believe it's run by the city and they do a wonderful job of maintaining it: 

  • no gym membership!
  • no germaphobic rules
  • no fashionistas or dance club ambience
  • you can train shirtless
  • you can train barefoot 
  • you can use chalk
  • fresh air & sunshine
  • beautiful beach scenery
  • you're forced to develop core muscles & safe technique
  • people are happy to help you
  • no one's talking on his phone or reading The Economist
  • no obnoxious girls (only serious, fit ones!) 
  • lots of high, healthful, good energy
  • natural athletes with healthy-looking, strong bodies

got it!
No machines or weights...just lots of bars! The surface is shock-absorbing rubber.

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