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Mr Tijuana 2014

Friday night's bodybuilding competition in Tijuana ended on a good note (personally speaking) but, damn, it took way, way too long to get to that point. How long, you ask? Longer than the telecast of the Academy Awards show. When we were finally able to head home, three hours after start time, the thing was still going!!

C'mon Mexico get a little better organized.

Mr Tijuana ended on a good note for me as I walked away with 2nd Place. During prejudging, which merely consists of the officials' eyeball analyses of the lineup - very empirical, darlings - I, plus a few others, was bumped up from novice to the 'clasificado' (advanced/open) category ...solely based on physical appearance as opposed to competitive experience. Then I was told to change my posing suit (to one like everybody else): skimpier and with a thiny thin waistband.
100% real natural

The event was super well attended by amateurs and spectators and photographers; the sport enjoys genuine high interest here and doesn't have the stench of a money-grab. 

The trophies, too, were nice; nice and solid and impressive (note t0 Joe Wheatly Productions: this is along the lines of how a bodybuilding trophy should look). And I have to admit, I did not encounter the noxious Latin American machismo of events past. In fact, throughout the night several guys came over and shook my hand.

 big guns. big ass truck

same small trunks as the guy on the poster; they look suitable wear to me

...but apparently my trunks were not small enough
 2nd Place 70kg!

 me and the gym instructors

(more event pics here)

we're really smiling because NOW we get to go home. 3+ hours and the show was still going on!


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