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Phone spam (DON'T CALL BACK!)

Just got a dubious SMS from number +4178884427-- of Germany?! informing:
Hi its me just arrived in europe Can you call me?
For one thing, my phone didn't sound upon receiving the message. For another, I am not in Europe; thirdly am certainly not entertaining calling to Europe; and, lastly, I don't know this fool! But I do know this is the latest phone scam going around. Such bad people either give a "plausible" short message or dial your number and quickly hang up, prompting most people, with their unlimited talk, text, data plans, to unthinkingly dial back and - BOOM - the unsuspecting person just made an expensive phone call. Think 40mins calling a sex hotline.

It is the second such SMS I have received this wk (from two different numbers). The previous one wondered, Why I left the party so early? Hahaaaaaa! Tricks are for kids, silly rabbit because I wasn't at any party. 

Fortunately I read about this phone trick last month and, so, wasn't the least bit curious to return it. 

Know of anyone who got tripped by this?


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