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Border bullies (VIDEO)

United Kingdom Border Assholes (UKBA) is, like many Immigration agencies, staffed by the lower rungs of society who feel validated by their dispensable position on a gov't force. Much like poor white trash divines some divine pride from the mere fact of having pale skin never mind having no formal education, land, bank account, artistic endeavors, or marketable skills outside of auto mechanics or pig farming.
stopped from entering Scotland because I had "sexy underwear" in my luggage
The following report regards the Home Office's bullying tactics on discriminating against foreign students. But it is not solely brown and black students the British authorities dislike. Last September I was stopped from entering Scotland because I had "sexy underwear" and lube in my luggage! The Home Office has yet to reply to my written complaint. The UK resents -resents - having allowed so many people of color, many from its former colonies, onto the island, itself, and is enforcing "reforms" to roll back that tide. Roll, roll your boat and your puny industries. The world dynamics can prosper very well with the American and Eastern markets as well as most markets from European countries. I don't know that I have one thing in my apartment that's MADE IN ENGLAND but I have many things which read MADE IN CHINA/JAPAN/MEXICO/USA.

Are there any readers of color who felt they received undue attention from British border officials?

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