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Snorers should not book shared rooms

I feel your pain...
A very similar experience was suffered at a London hostel near Borough tube station. The offender made it impossible for anyone to simply be in the same room as him. His snores sounded like he was being literally and violently choked to death. I wish he was. Don't front! If YOU were there, you would have wished it too. Reception moved him around several times to quell guests' complaints but they never obliged the jackass to book a private room nor did they compensate guests who'd lost nightly sleep because of him. It made for a miserable stay. If you've passed a night at a hostel with an unbearable roommate, then, hey, don't be shy about commenting! Would like to know what you thought of it.

NEW RULE (Lodging):
If you know you have a snoring problem (or chronically masturbate or fart or talk in your sleep), then do the rest of us a favor and do not book yourself into a shared room. Spend the extra money on a private room -- or, better still, stay home until the doctor has fixed you. 

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