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City Travel Review: SCAM??

When I suddenly received an email from the organization about the opportunity of joining a team in Berlin this summer I was a little, well, weary. The words "team" and "family" used outside of athletics and family, respectively, always give me pause. And any opportunity I have to pay for isn't an opportunity. It's a sales offer. 

But I could be wrong about this travel writing workshop. Then I hunted down the following review in a sea of glowing reviews:
Got an email response for their team. From the sounds of it, you pay £900 a month for accommodation and language lessons, then you pay for everything else yourself and work to produce a leaflet for them. Not my thing at all, it seems.

£900? Are you kidding me?! I can take my own lessons and rent an apartment by myself and throw good money away on a fancy schmancy gym membership for a helluva lot less than that. Oh yeah: and I'm doing just fine with my travel writing. IF - if - there is a job placement, then City Travel Review needs to hire me. Hello!

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