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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Hardbody without weights


Fed up with constantly acclimating myself to gyms as a result of travel, I decided in February to give bodyweight workouts a serious chance. Not just restricted to stretching and warm-ups and cool-downs but actual intense workouts using my bodyweight and own resistance principally as the meat and potatoes of the routines -- sans pumping iron. Charles Atlas coined it "dynamic tension".
training in my imagination...
working-out without physically working-out
I like being inside the gym and using free-weights but I also know how to keep in shape without them. And it is nice to be away from the ubiquitous dance beat music, posers (shallow gym goers), annoying gym rats (gym goers with too much idle time) or waiting for a piece of equipment to free up.  

Three months later I'm still at it!

In addition to daily walking, swimming, or going to the park to use the chin-up bars and such, I climb steep stairs and perform fast paced calisthenics. 
Of late I've begun training in my, get this, imagination.
I get in a comfortable position in a quiet place and for about thirty minutes relax and go through the muscle motions in my head vividly sensing as much as possible in my imagination. Some may refer to it as meditation but I think of it as, in this case, working-out without physically working-out

Resistance tubes are a great piece of exercise equipment. It's cheap, durable and effective, and hardly adds any weight to my suitcase.

Can you believe I haven't used weights in months?! And still eat ice cream? Eat your heart out.

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