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Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee


As the year ends I'd like to share about a very historical event  celebrated in 2012: the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Since I was already in the UK this spring I wanted very much to be in London for the official Diamond Jubilee celebrations. I took the bus down from Edinburgh that weekend. The first day was awash with miserable rainy weather but that did not stop crowds from packing along the River Thames to watch the parades of sea vessels, hoping to see the Royal Family. Twice I almost caved in - I loath crowds...and standing in the cold rain - but, in the end, stuck it out and eventually got a glimpse of the Queen! No, not Elton John. The real deal. Didn't know it, though, until I got back to the hotel room and watched the rest via television coverage. I was just stoked to have made out some tiny figure on the distant royal barge; but the pink silhouette turned out to have been her. So I didn't get soaking wet for nothing. And the old girl stood the whole time!
Visitors came from all over the world and the British people were nice and understanding of the extra tourism

It was wonderful seeing all the streets and show windows bedecked for the occasion. Visitors came from all over the world and the British people were nice and understanding of the extra tourism. (Had to get used to it, really, as the Summer Olympics were just weeks away.) Pomp and pageantry tends to bring out people's best behaviours....

While in London I took a spin on the Eye and a train ride up to visit Oxford - for the second time - and toured the Duke of Marlborough castle. Talk about living large! The "house" seemed as vast as the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and then there were the grounds and gardens which rolled out neat and green as far as I could see. Whew! Must be nice.

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