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Michael Jackson: Immortal World Tour (Berlin)

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil came to Berlin on December 19 & 20th. I went to see it last night and, man, the O2 World Stadium's seating capacity of 12,000 was packed! Stands to reason: the travelling show typically runs only two nights per city -- and I got my ticket two months ago!

I was on the supposedly more exclusive ground level but, truth be told, it was hard to see (over people's heads) the whole stage so, ex priori, bleacher seats would've been better. But the show was nothing short of a spectacular.

acrobats and contortionists, and dance numbers rivaled the lighting and video effects
Amazing transitions from one pop hit to the next with tunes ranging from The Jackson 5 to "Blood On the Dance Floor" and, of course, it wouldn't be a Cirque du Soleil production sans fantastic impossible costumes, soaring, flipping, twisting acrobats and contortionists, and dance numbers that rivaled the lighting and video effects.

The Berlin audience - as is typical - seemed to sit on their hands for most of the production; allowing themselves to give polite applause after each number rather the raucous cheering you'd hear at a soccer match -- and which these talented performers greatly warranted. But that all changed when, near the show's finale, the percussion dominated "They Don't Really Care About Us" was  marshaled out to a military arrangement with ominous futuristic foot soldiers in gleaming black armor. At that the Germans didn't need any prompting to stand and clap along -- and they kept beat, too! I kid you not.

I love Michael Jackson music; and I am so thankful to have managed a ticket to see this jaw-dropping tribute to this century's greatest entertainer.

post scriptum: I respected the show's policy; the first pic was snapped before the production began.

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