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Six car smash up on the autobahn

Travelled down on the autobahn to Frankfurt Am Main - not to be confused with Frankfurt Oder - this morning. All was going fine and according to schedule until we hit gridlock -- caused by a six auto fender bender! As you can imagine, some of the vehicles were nicely smashed up and one of them even had its back wheel clean ripped off.

This set us our trip back by one hour, which, I guess, wasn't really so bad. Nor was there any chaos or irrational jerks honking their horns and swearing to the skies. Honestly, what can you do about it? I've never seen a people compose themselves so calmly and matter-of-fact. Conveniently enough the accident happened at a rest stop (so maybe that helped too); If you have to be stuck on the road what better spot is there than a rest stop, right? 

And, owing to the absence of an ambulance on the scene, no, there were no serious injuries or fatalities.

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