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1st Floor Hostel (Berlin)

Aptly named for its single floor of guest rooms -- on the first floor, in case you hadn't guessed (or what we non-Europeans regard as the second floor) First Floor Hostel is a  quaint, professionally run operation with plenty of comfort and no edgy or hippy pretense. It's noticeable from Ostkreuz U-Bahn train station (the S-Bahn lines also stop here) and requires no more than ten minutes to reach by foot even with heavy luggage in tow. Rates are clearly posted on a sidewalk sign and, at 15 euros (shared room), quite a bargain -- especially since I had the room to myself for the first two nights!
UPDATE: Read about my recent stay

FREE wi-fi access reaches the rooms or you can spread out at a table in the Reception/Commons Area (or the outdoor patio). As for the rooms, beds are sooo cozy and snuggly - I slept sooo good each time I slipped under the cover - and come with a reading lamp and personal wooden locker (key and lock included).
This place is friendly down-to-earth
Reception closes at 10pm and reopens at breakfast. The all-you-can-eat breakfast (rolls, cheese, cereal, salami, coffee, tea, milk, juices) costs a very tiny fee. Wit so many places nowadays boasting 24Hr Service it was a little strange being in one which shut down for the night. But I dug it! Not to mention it made me extra mindful to feel for my key whenever I stood up. For a small hostel it's very big on customer service and booking  (or cancelling) beds was not a bureaucratic pain in the ass. This place is friendly down-to-earth. Per my experience First Floor Hostel is first rate.

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