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1st Floor Hostel redux

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Two months ago I was in Berlin and one of the places I stayed at was 1st Floor Hostel. It was little changed from my first stay years ago; but that 'little' was immediately noticeable. And an improvement.

First one, the hyper zany '80s color scheme isn't popping outta the walls anymore and, for another, the Reception/Lobby has been rearranged to feel more streamlined and tranquil. They still serve coffee, alcoholic drinks, and breakfast (3 euros); there are sidewalk tables to enjoy the air - or smoke - whilst people-watching. And, every backpacker will appreciate this, the hostel is but steps away from the eastern station Ostkreuz S-Bahn, which, itself, has finally been refurbished with escalators.

My stay and sleep were enjoyable as before (the spartan beds are thick & comfortable and the quiet neighborhood, priceless) and the guy at Reception even vaguely remembered me!

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