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I stayed in two hostels in Munich

Btw I stayed in the following hostels in Munich:

Wombat City Hostel. After being harassed by the undercover pigs in the main train station I urgently tried to find some vacancy somewhere. Bought a crisp, crunchy apple pie at McDonald's to 'legitimately' use the free wi-fi  (because I couldn't get online at Burger King in the station) and made a list of nearby hostels. Quickly jotted down four, including this one.

Wombat IS super close to Munich Hbf - literally across the street - but it's poorly advertised. The outside banners don't do a good enough job of announcing Here we are! BUT there was one - one! - bed left and I was damn relieved to get it. Not bad for a near midnight walk-in. The reception was super chill and got me squared away right away. Guests receive a free beverage with check-in. I made it in just before the bar closed -- and did I ever need a drink! 
The dorm room was big and comfortable. Had a good night's sleep and checked-out the following morning whereby I walked two doors down to...

Euro Youth Hotel.  It was a very no-hassle check-in. A dorm bed was available, I paid cash, got my receipt and came back four hours later when the rooms were cleaned and ready - 2pm - (in the meantime I went back and chilled in a hammock in the Wombat's cool indoor garden lounge). 

This hotel/hostel has a nice old-school decor - wooden banisters and wood paneled walls - which I find charming and free of the 'fabricated' feel of some backpacker or economy hotels. There is free tea in the lounge. Wi-fi gets good reception...but phone calls don't.

When I returned later that evening and headed for the bar/lounge I was stopped by, "HEY WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" I didn't like this kind of reception from the Reception and wrote a letter to the management. Granted, there was an employee shift change and these guys didn't recognize me as a new guest but I felt the aggressiveness of their tone was 1) rude and 2) carried an undercurrent of my-kind-didn't-belong-there. The management emailed a sincere and prompt apology and promised to address the matter.  I appreciate that.  After the racial profiling at the main train station this whole thing of being a black American in Munich had well reached its limit. As a matter of principle I personally wouldn't elect to stay in Euro Youth Hotel again - because I wouldn't like to revisit Munich outside of business - but its facilities were fine, modern, and clean and affordable. 

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