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Someone found my lost phone

Well I'll be doggone! After going two weeks without a cell phone I find out my lost phone was found and turned in to BVG's (Berlin public transportation department) Fündburo, or, Lost & Found office.

It never occurred to me that someone would not take the phone for themselves. Am ashamed of that but not ashamed to admit it. Several days after leaving my phone on the bus my flatmate offhandedly asked if I'd reported it to the city's lost & found. Whuuh? The thought never crossed my mind! I felt so stupid to have neglected such an obvious first step (then also, I wasn't terribly bothered with the lost so naturally I exerted no energies in its recovery).
Germans are such honest people 
So: I phoned first and described things as best I could remember and was surprised as all hell when the gentleman came back on the line and said, I think someone has found your phone, and proceeded to give me metro directions to the office; I got over to the building before it closed and waited in a short line. Everybody who lost something walked out with that something back in their possession. Then it was my turn and, lo and behold, archived in a metal filing cabinet was my cell phone! Das ist gut!

After showing viable identification and paying 7€ the cheap and near antiquated gadget was again mine. There was even a new text message on it.

Germans and Canadians -- despite my opinion of Canada its citizens have a stunning reputation for returning even loaded wallets! -- are such honest people when it comes to returning other peoples' stuff.

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