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Something fishy with U.S. State Dept and passports

There is something going on with U.S. passports and the American State Dept. Supposedly state-of-the-art and foolproof and secure I certainly encounter more than a few hiccups or long waits whenever crossing the U.S. border.  Whatever information is encrypted is beyond me. On one travel it gives pause to the border pigs yet on another it registers something else or, miraculously, nothing at all.

I'm not the only one with passport headaches. A NY woman is repeatedly hassled whenever crossing into -- surprise, surprise -- Canada and -- oh wow surprise! -- back again. Her's is a frustrating case of mistaken identity which the govts can't get their asses around to correcting. As if it is so improbable that two human beings can share names, birth dates, and even skin color; only this poor woman is too often mistaken for, apparently, a black man. Now I read the Iroquois are having their sovereign nation travel limited less they comply and get American passports. The country is warning they won't be allowed back in without a U.S. passport and other countries are weary of issuing visas to them if they can't return home.

What the hell are Obama and Hillary Clinton doing?

I'm so glad I'm in Europe.

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