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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Barred from entering Canada by racist border pigs

Stuck at the Canuck border -- yet again.

Every time, no matter the point of entry - Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec  - Canadian assholes question me for loooong times at Immigration. They never just pass me through. I have to always get processed through Immigration. 

Last night, racist Quebecois border control along New York state barred me from passing because, get this, I was in a fist fight ten years ago and have no court document to show for it. Never mind this incident does not show up on their data search they pressed me until I admitted to, yes, having been arrested before. Why insist on asking this question to the only black person in the line? A black man has to carry his jail papers with him like a freed slave in order to authenticate to the world that he is no longer a threat, Massa! I admitted it because I took it for a trick question, presuming they already had the information and were hoping I would lie. Now that I think about it: that's entrapment! That un-outstanding incident happened ten, twenty years ago and I'm not about to carry around papers to vouch for my freedom.
Why insist on asking this [jail]question to the only black person in the line?
Aside from being cowards like their French counterparts, Canadians can be just as racist as any one else. The Quebecois border patrol actually said, You have to carry them [court papers] if you don't want this hassle. I have been travelling to and through Canada for years and, before this year, haven't been grilled on arrest matters. I wish I knew then what I know now: no such arrest history appears in the database; the agents are being coached to SUSPECT ALL BLACK NIGGERS HAVE A PAST. 

This Canuck bitch (it was a woman) didn't ask about college degree, but freed papers; didn't ask for a summary of things I've written, but freed papers; nothing outside of the mundane (where were you born? occupation? how long will you visit? purpose of your visit?), but freed papers. Why? Because she has an agenda: How can my black ass go to Europe and not her? You see, I was only travelling to Montreal in order to catch my flight to Germany -- not to spend money and visit Canuck tourist sights or, worse, try to sneak in and live there -- and this got to her. And she, along with her fellow black bitch officer (I never claimed all racism stems from white people), succeeded in barring me from the country forever because, as they told me, arrest is the same as conviction (note: I was never convicted of anything) and therefore "I am a threat to Canada."
A black man is a threat to Canada
Right. I was the only black person on the bus. And despite showing proof of my travel to exit the country I, being the only black person, was the only one grilled about arrest history, and the only person removed from the bus and "allowed" to return to the American side whilst everyone else continued on to Montreal, including white travellers who could not produce evidence of a return ticket or ticket to a third country. This was racist discrimination. Again. And I hate Canada for it.

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