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MEMORIES. Ostello del Chianti (Tavarnelle Val de Pesa)

The Ostello del Chianti serves as the Hostel International in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, the heart of the Chianti region. It's from where the world gets chianti wine. Chianti wine is typically the bottle we think of when imagining scenes in Italy: the bottle cased in straw and, when finished, serves as a candelabra!

I took a bus from Firenze (Florence) and it was not easy to discern which stop was mine. I approached the hostel from the back minus any useful signs. Thankfully the Sun had not yet set. Rounding a corner I came to the front entrance and met the receptionist. She was an extremely nice, helpful lady. 

Since it was not the high season, space was aplenty. For the first night or so I was in a dorm room with an old man who coughed HORRIBLY throughout the night (a cigarette smoker); when he was quiet a mosquito delighted in torturing my ear. The receptionist then moved me into an empty room and I slept peacefully!

The hostel is surrounded by countryside. Tranquil walks are a surplus. Along with linen and blankets, breakfast is included and, for anyone who has ever travelled in Italy, the rooms are equipped with plug-in mosquito repellents!  I didn't encounter any mosquitoes in Europe until I went to Italy (September).

It has wi-fi Internet access, a restaurant, a big commons room, hot showers (I love any place that has hot water & Internet!) and is wheelchair accessible. The customer service was molto bene and the facilities were super clean.

I don't really care for Florence but if ever I travel to central Italy again it will definitely be that I visit Chianti and lodge at Ostello del Chianti.

50028 Tavernelle Val di Pesa
Via Roma 137 ("via" means street)
+39 055.8050.265

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