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Black Sheep Lodge & Pub (Guadalajara)


After staying two nights at a friend's in Zapopan I went straight to the Black Sheep Lodge in Centro. Only I thought I was going to Casa Libertad. Noticed the change as soon as I couldn't make out the reception desk. The place looked like a posh bar/restaurant and, indeed, that's what the first floor is. Apparently it was out with the nice but un-original 'Casa Libertad' and in with hip, edgy British punk decor meets grandmum's knick-knackery. All over is painted in mostly black (duh!) and purple with swatches of kitsch wall stickers here and there. And it's been revamped the Black Sheep. Wicked.

The sleeping quarters are on the second floor and admissible to guests only. Dorm rooms (8 beds) cost $200pesos and include towel, toiletries, "American breakfast" and complimentary beer. Oh behave! The beds come with linen, blanket, thick, comfortable pillow and personal footlocker (padlock included). There is a separate boys and girls dorm plus a private suite. The rooms, like most of the old architecture on that side of town, have high ceilings and stained glass windows with wooden shutters. The lads' dorm even had an open fireplace.

Exactly one block away is the U.S. Consulate building.

I was very impressed with the facilities--free wi-fi, bar, cozy lounge, guest terrace for sunbathing and socializing--and customer service. Owners and staff were tremendously helpful and attentive. Apart from the hostel (lodge) the public pub side of things makes for convenient chilling...and is popular with locals so guests needn't go far for going out. The pub also has a menu of hot dishes. One thing I did find queer was the absence of Johnnie Walker Black Label. The famous whiskey logo is displayed throughout and painted on no less conspicuous a place than the entrance steps yet no bottle of the spirits was anywhere on display. Go figure. 

If ever I have cause to stay overnight in GDL----perish the thought----I am definitely heading back to this spot. This is one cool ass hostel.

Av. Libertad 1872
Col. Americas
+52 33.3825.7079

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