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I don't like Vallarta Plus bus line

I travelled to Guadalajara via Primera Plus bus but made the mistake of coming back on Vallarta Plus bus. 

The bus that travels between Guadalajara and Vallarta is fine (the Tequila route uses older models) and, save for the ridiculous straight-to-DVD action movies shown, the trip was all right. The only available seat was next to a chubby fag who wore a sparkly leather wristband. I was not amused. 

A mistake to use Vallarta Plus because they lied about the schedule
It was a mistake to use Vallarta Plus because they lied about the schedule. I had just missed the 18.40 and according to the wall schedule the next bus  wasn't due for another hour. Since I think Primera Plus is slightly better and it was rolling at the same time and both cost the same ($315pesos) I was ready to go over to Primera when the girl informed me a bus was leaving at 19.10. Oh? A twenty minute wait beats an hour so I bought the ticket. 

No bus pulled in or out of the terminal. 
With so many dead grandmothers per household it is no wonder they celebrate the Day of the Dead 
Chunks of minutes passed. The always melodramatic telenovela blared on the omnipresent television. (God, the acting is horrible in this country). More chunks of minutes ticked away. The excuse of "mucho trafico" was offered by way of explaining the bus' tardiness. In Mexico it's always either traffic, a sick mother, or a dead grandmother. With so many dead grandmothers per household it is no wonder, then, they celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). When our bus driver finally arrived it was  -- surprise, surprise -- 19.40. Exactly 19.40.

Coincidence, my ass. They sold tickets for a seven-ten departure knowing full well no line was going out until seven-forty, and knew to feed that bullshit line about heavy traffic knowing we can't call the bluff; but it is a beautiful coincidence that the bus rolls into the terminal at precisely the time indicated on the wall schedule and the web page. Fool me once....


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