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---Mark Twain


Striking a pose II (Judith Ewing Morlan preview)


Last Friday I attended the preview for artist Judith Ewing Morlan's latest works entitled Paintings just for the fun of it. Simple. Sublime. The preview was held at the rather posh fine dining TRIO in downtown Vallarta. Mrs Morlan organizes one of the art groups for which I model and seeing each other on Friday was a bit of a shock: her, all dolled up and me, with my clothes on!  I swear I walked by the lady twice without recognizing her.

The paintings, waterfall and exotic landscapes in vibrant colors and texture, were not only on preview at our rooftop soiree but, what I thought was a nice touch, on display throughout the restaurant which remained open for regular business.  

The lot of people who go to these things always make for worthwhile people-watching; like caffeine for the imagination. And what anyone may have lacked in interesting-ness the free cocktails obfuscated. I enjoyed two glasses of red and a gin martini on the rocks (stirred, not shaken) and found everyone interesting. But this was just the preview. The opening will take place next week, February 19th, at Galeria Uno. The gallery often has live music but, for some reason or another, tends to limit refreshments to lemonade.

Galeria Uno561 Morelos Downtown
Phone: 222-0908

Judith Ewing Morlan studio

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