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Sixty-nine murders in one day (Mexico)

I return to Mexico so often because I like the easy living and weather and language, but its charming primitiveness is fast on its way to returning to barbarism. Already a Third World country known for its poverty, cheap labor, drugs and soccer, Mexico's traditions are itching to re-light a powder keg that will have blood running in the streets and heads poached on sticks...or used by twisted beaners as soccer balls. 
Two weeks into 2010 and drug cartels have made their evil intent clear: We crazy sonsofbitches are here to kill all who interfere. Kill or be killed

No drug trafficking mayhem is evident here in beautiful, touristy, homophilic Puerto Vallarta; but I probably wont be returning next winter.

Two weeks into 2010 and drug cartels have made their evil intent clear: We crazy sonsofbitches are here to kill all who interfere. Kill or be killed. Law of the Jungle has no place in any civilized country or society. Today, sixty-nine---sixty-nine!---murders blotted pig scanners. Sixty-nine murders in one day. Lest you mistake them for simple gun slinging desperados the henchmen are fond of torture and chopping up bodies and discarding the remains in public as gruesome calling cards. Destruction is not removed from creativity. One victim, a word to be applied loosely as nearly all the unfortunates tend to have some connection to the cartels, was a former pig whose face was removed and stitched on to a soccer ball. They do love soccer! 

Poverty is NOT at the root of this diabolical terror. Nor is illiteracy. Loads of places have poor and stupid and unhappy people but they don't reek havoc and terrorism on the country because they're, what?, without. Mexicans like to brag about being, among other things, the happiest people in the world. Some rag like Reader's Digest, which a few years back also purported NYC was the most hospitable American city, gave them such an advancement and they cling to it. With "happiness" like this who needs anger or madness?

Certainly not tourists.


  1. 1. Rick Steves is a candy-ass moron. If he REALLY wants to see Europe "through the back door" Mr. Steves should take his viewers to the Ledertreffen at Spike in Hamburg. Now there's an episode of that dumbass show I would truly enjoy watching.


    2. Readers Digest didn't really call NYC the friendliest city in the country did it? PLEEZE!!

    3. I didn't realize what an opportunity I missed until just now when I took a look at some of Sr. Moreno's pics, vids and poetry. Eres una superestrella amigo. Quanto tiempo mas en PVR? Necesito mas trabajo dental en 2 o 3 meses.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've been to Hamburg a few times (see Archives) but NEVER the Ledertreffen.... Ouch! Hehehe.

    Am in Vallarta until spring time. Then it's off to pay another visit to the Old Country(and Hamburg). Booyah!


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