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Antropology Bar is not classy or fun (Puerto Vallarta)


Antropology sucks.

By virtue of no competition it is thee go-to nude male strip bar in Puerto Vallarta. But would tourists still go to it if they knew they were supporting a sonofabitch who essentially operates along the lines of a sweat-shop? That rich sonofabitch would be owner Jose. There's just something about this country which is sluggish to respect the self-evidence of human worth and dignity. Some travellers understand the folly in expecting foreign lands to proceed like their native society. I wager, however, that no one expects serfdom or indentured servitude to exist in North America in this day and age! Times do not always keep pace with years. Just look at Cuba. Or Mexico. Or Estonia.
The strippers are too afraid to speak up because no one wants to be unemployed

My beef with Antropology is uncomplicated and sincere: slavery is wrong. Anything akin or tantamount to slavery is equally wrong. The bar touts itself as a place "where classy meets fun" but there is nothing classy about how it is run. The strippers are treated like shit and given as much thought as one gives to the crap he just dumped in the toilet---zero save for flushing it away. 

Strippers are not paid any wages yet are required to work nightly AND forbidden to ever dance in any other venue. By any other venue I mean private affairs (bachelorette parties or house parties) and social galas (parades, fundraisers, store openings) as well as in other bars. Preventing a man from taking a second job to make ends meet or from making an honest living is inexcusable, ridiculous, wrong. Exclusive rights to something means that thing is paid for or in the case of a human worker is compensated for. 

Antropology demands exclusive labor and gives nothing in return. By nothing I mean nothing. No pay, no perks, no support, not even free drinks of water or juice; hell, even slave masters fed their slaves and chain-gangs earn cents to the dollar. Would it really impoverish the queer bastard to comp the dancers a beer or bottle of water?! Plus, he takes a share of the tips (private dances). What part of this is okay to any right thinking customer?
My beef with Antropology is uncomplicated: slavery is wrong. The strippers are treated like shit. They are not paid any wages yet are required to work nightly AND forbidden to ever dance in any other venue

One wouldn't knowingly patronize a sweat-shop or child labor or de facto forced labor; nor would one be okay if the scenario involved female dancers so why justify an exception for this? The strippers are too afraid to speak up because no one wants to be unemployed (failing to realize work without pay doesn't actually constitute actual employment anyway). Since Right counts for nada with Jose the man sees no reason to change his business practices.

Therefore it is up to customers, or perhaps the absence thereof, to motivate change. The expat gringos (and homosexual community) are always going on about acceptance and fair treatment so I want to see if they can convince the owner of Antropology to accept that his policy is not fair by, at minimum, North American standards. Jose needs to get with it. 

Until then, I do hope tourists boycott Antropology because Antropology sucks. Adult entertainment need not come at such a cost.
(Hmmm, wonder if the business association knows about this....)

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  1. your wrong i employ them when i visit PV with private affairs so there... im happy there happy we are all happy ill be there tonight!!!

  2. Just to be clear: You employ slutty boys - not 'dancers' - to do slutty things for your slutty private affairs. But, hey, whatever makes you ,happy,.


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