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---Mark Twain


"Sherlock Holmes" (movie)


I liked the new Sherlock Holmes movie, starring Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law, so much that I went back to see it the following week! Even if I hadn't missed the opening on the first go (came in on the boxing scene) I would have returned for a second helping because the action and dialogue and texture of the cinematography is just that rich.

American Mr Downey, Jr plays the title role minus

the famous Sherlock Holmes hat and Briton Mr Law, his trusty sidekick Dr John Watson. The two are bona fide thespians and easily a couple of the greatest actors among this generation. You'll be forgiven for thinking the actors' roles should have been reversed for as it turns out that while Holmes, one of the world's most known detectives, is British like Mr Law the largest Sherlock Holmes memorabilia is, in fact, across the pond in America. Americans eat him up!

Congratulations to Mr Downey, Jr on receiving the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

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