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Boorish border patrol (SAN YSIDRO)

All of this mess regarding the flood of Central American immigrants reminds me of my troubles crossing into U.S. You heard right. See, the border patrol is staffed by assholes and giving people a hard time is what these asshole social rejects do best. And since I'm no illegal immigrant my passage through simply could not be stress free.
I'm still getting paid either way!
In May of this year, crossing the San Ysidro port, a young officer (or whatever the hell they term themselves) named SANDOVAL gave me a lot of lip for requesting a Comment Card because to have simply handed me one would have been, well, too simple a thing to do. When I asked to speak to his boss or supervisor he smarted off that his boss was in "Washington"; but, gathering my unwavering intent on writing a letter, the real icing on the cake came when the braggadocious bastard exclaimed: So what! I'm still getting paid either way! And he repeated it for good measure. I'm still getting paid! 

Doesn't his attitude just say it all. 

He then made a photocopy of my passport for rebuttal purposes to my complaint. A trip to the Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) website provides for complaints to be made in one of two ways: anonymous or non-anonymous. I filled in mine with my name and age because I wanted to get a response on this smartass jerk. (I have the impression they expect persons to write anonymously; that way CBP doesn't have to get back to you and if they don't have to get back to you, then why bother claiming to investigate the complaint? It's a no brainer when you think about it. Govt workers don't want to work. That's why they applied for work in the govt in the first place. Remember: I'm still getting paid! 

Weeks went by with nothing but lip service from the Supervisory Program Manager at San Diego's field office, a Mssss Wilson, who, again, requested my name and date of birth.
if they [CBP] don't have to get back to you, then why would they bother to investigate the complaint?
Then, well over a month later, this Wilson chick emails she has a response -- and would like to mail it to me. Say what? All of sudden email wouldn't do?...
See, rather than police the police these cocksuckers want to sweep misdeeds under the rug and, instead, get something on those who complain about pig behaviour. I kindly assured Msssss Wilson it was all right to continue corresponding electronically but that, in lieu of such, she was welcome to address the letter to me via ACLU's San Diego office and provided their street address for her convenience.

Still haven't heard back from the cunt yet. 

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