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Homemade protein bars

True to frugal form, I made my own protein bars yesterday. It was a no-bake recipe - and didn't require a blender either - but, in the end, I popped them in the oven to harden the consistency (plus I like things crunchy!)
I don't have money -- up for grabs
Among the ingredients was pure honey - straight from a honeycomb! - whey protein powder and oatmeal. This was my first time ever buying oatmeal because I don't like the stuff (yuk!); next time methinks I'll use less of it or, better still, granola instead (because it's crunchy!)

I've always loved working out but have never been a fan of fancy gym stuff - expensive memberships, designer clothes/gym bags, supplements, pre-/post-/extreme (or, worse, Xtreme) drinks, "special" waters, steroids and other drugs - for the simple reason the shit strikes me as a stupid money-grab. And I don't have money up for grabs. Hello!

Supplementing is important, especially with protein, but it is not the end all-be all. That would be dedication, proper training and nutrition. I sure as hell am not one for going broke over protein. By making my very own stash of  protein bars I: 

  1. save money 
  2. know exactly what ingredients are inside
  3. create my eccentric favorite flavors
  4. acquire a new skill of resourcefulness
  5. have a sweet & muscle building snack 
 now the hard part: waiting for the batch to cool 

one, two, three...a nutritious treat for my muscles

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