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DuSable Museum of African-American History (CHICAGO)

The DuSable Museum of African-American History in south side Chicago is the nation's leading historical institution  - if not the oldest - devoted to black folk contribution to America and African heritage. It was started by Dr Margaret Burroughs and artist husband Charles in their Chicago home and quickly moved in to other locales as, both, visitors and collections expanded. 

I remember visiting the museum several times as a schoolboy whether it was on a field trip sponsored by my school, church, or local community center (that was a time before 24hr television and when people took a more active role in structuring youth). I'd been there so many times I was probably getting a little annoyed with it; but just a little. I've always like being in places full of odd assortments of things. Fast forward two decades and, while on the north side, I found myself reading an announcement: THE ENDANGERED SPECIES: A VISUAL RESPONSE TO THE VANISHING BLACK MAN. Well! With a title like that my ears were pricked. I made a point to revisit the DuSable Museum in order to take in said exhibit by artist Raub Welch. It was easy enough to reach it by subway and bus. Once there I casually made my way through the museum's chronically structured self-guided tour starting with Egypt, then the Civil War, Restoration Period, subsequent wars, Civil Rights Movement, Harold Washington interactive exhibit (it's really cool) and was about ten minutes into the Vanishing Black Man art exhibit when I received a telephone call and had to cut things short. Doh! For those interested, the temporary exhibit goes through March 30, 2014.

Admission is free to city residents and $10 general for non-residents (with discounts for children and senior citizens). If you're a white person who swears he wants to become more culturally aware of things outside of his WASP privileged background - you know who you are - and if you're ever around the Windy City, then here's as good a place as any to start.

founders Mr & Mrs Charles Gordon Burroughs

 wall mosaic of Chicago's past & earliest settler... 
  Jean Baptiste Point DuSable

complementary mural of contemporary Chicago
(that's Harold Washington in the center) 

  "Endangered Species" by Raub Welch(featured exhibit)


Do you know of any other black history museums?

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