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Sand wrestling in Mexico (VALLARTA)


Last weekend Mexico's wrestling associations held their first - and hopefully annual - sand wrestling contest in Pto Vallarta.
It was not very well publicized outside of regional wrestling circles on Facebook and, so, I didn't learn of it until I happened across them setting up a booth on the malecon. A wrestler from Guadalajara recognized me. He tried to explain the information but something got lost in translation.

I went ahead and weighed in. The following day, Saturday, I decided not to participate, fearing I wasn't in good condition (I haven't wrestled in months) and was at an unfair disadvantage; all the other guys knew about the event and had time to prepare for it. They also knew it would cost $200 pesos to enter...and I was still smarting from the losses of the previous weekend's bodybuilding contest in Tepic.

Still, watching the sand wrestling was lots of fun! The entrant pool wasn't so large but those participants came from different parts of the country and that shows the sport still has strong interest in Mexico. In retrospect I had a good shot at placing. 
Oh well. Next time!
Below are snapshots.

warming up...under the hot ass Sun 

 nice bear hug

 shooting in for a single-leg

 vying for the upper hand...
 and down he goes!

this hottie handed out the medals


  1. I saw you take down and pin a 195 lb muscle guy. You would have finished these guys off pretty well. You definitely should have entered!

  2. Yeah I should've. Arrgh...


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