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Why I don't believe in 1-Month's deposit (Mexico)

Mexico is very good about getting money out of your hands and into theirs. Only problem is corruption ain't just in politics. Typically, the renting Mexican "requires" a full month's deposit in addition to the first month's rent. The reasoning is, ostensibly, because it's, according to the renter, "like this all over the world." This coming from someone who has barely, if ever, left the country.
(Of course, a deposit is usually requested in other countries, but not totally the full amount of monthly rent, and, oftentimes, much, much less; it's just an amount to safeguard against wear-and-tear e.g., broken window, lost keys, broken cupboard handle.)

I am always very, very iffy - and turned off - by needing to pay two month's rent upfront. One common gimmick here is to count the deposit as the last month's rent. Translation: The Mexican has already spent the money and can't bear to return it. 
Below is an actual account posted on Craigslist in Puerto Vallarta of some other foreigner's misfortune:

UPDATE: Apparently the guy in question in the below letter now rents rooms in the house to pay for the place while he graciously sleeps in the living room. In other words, the other inhabits are paying the rent and he's actually living rent-free. Have to admit, I encountered this same scenario in L.A. where people seriously rent couches and single rooms divided up into four for no less than $500! What?! Many folks believe L.A. is where it's at...but I wasn't born yesterday. How easily starstruck hopefuls part with their few pennies. 

The inhumane 'man' LARKIN CHOLLAR who rented me a room in his 'place' between Bucerias and La Cruz turned out to be a total scammer, and one hell of a hysterical Monster (YES, with a capital M!) Within hours after arriving at his 'dump' and after he carelessly broke and destroyed a 100 year old hand-carved walking cane which I actually need to walk with - expressing no remorse whatsoever; he actually was critical of me because my it hurt to 'loose' my cane. He then got totally psycho when I asked for a pillow and again went berserk when I asked where the kitchen light was located: telling me I had serious problems and referred to me as a whiney, complaining loser; he aggressively SCREAMED at me full throttle telling me he'd decided I was completely undesirable; demanded a months rent ($175) and once he got his hands on my $ (paying him out of fear), both he and his other roommate, a brutish, thug of a caricature sinisterly devolved into both being extremely menacing; both threatening me with bodily harm before forcefully kicking me out of their 'dump' in less than 3 hours after my arrival. The room had no lights, a truly ratty-ass, smelly mattress with no pillow(s), no linen (I was told to bring my own linen from the USA); it had no furnishings; the walls looked as if they were from some prison (that is a reason he didn't include a photo of the available room on his CL rental post). He is a certifiable fanatic and is completely untrustworthy. Both he and his other roommate, a brutish, thug of a caricature left me trembling and in tears; both ranting and raving for me to get out - NOW! After I struggled quickly to re-pack to escape, dragging my totally thrown together, unorganized 3 pieces of luggage down a dirt road to a nearby Mexican neighbor, where I literally stumbled upon their from porch, pleading for help, desperate to get away from LARKIN CHOLLAR! The Mexican family was truly helpful and compassionate and really helped calm me down enough for me to collect my bearings; one of the men among them even drove me to a reasonable priced hotel not toofar from that insidious asylum of LARKIN CHOLLAR.

I am telling the 100% truth, LARKIN CHOLLAR is a sociopath and needs serious physiatrics intervention. He is one of the most horrific and horrid human beings I have ever met. Volatile, violent, selfish and irrational, bordering on being an abhorrent terrorist. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM HIM - CONSIDER YOURSELF DUTIFULLY WARNED!

He is a very, very sick 'person' and I´m determined to try and prevent anyone else from going through what I went through - HELL! It was as if I was face-to-face with Satan himself.

AN UPDATE: I have received several email from people after my first warning of him I posted on CL who also told me of having had horrible experiences with LARKIN CHOLLAR - and not one single one of them had a single word of 'charity' regarding this MONSTER! 


This link goes to his gobbledygook sham of a web video...

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