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La Petite Liege Burger Bistro (Vallarta)


The best french fries in town, hands down, are made to order thick and crispy at La Petite Liege Burger Bistro. The name is French because Carlos "el peludo", owner and cook, picked up his skills whilst abroad in Brussels (he speaky French). And, yes, real good hamburgers round out the menu. That's it: just burgers and fries -- for now. 
Carlos flame-broils them over a grill, leaving the meat hot, rounded and juicy. But I'm a bigger fan of the french fries
He's right not to call them hamburgesas. I avoid Mexican hamburgers for the same reason I avoid Mexican China buffets: they lack a great deal, namely authenticity and deliciousness. I'm glad I tried these though. Carlos packs a decent amount of beef into his handmade patties and flame-broils them over a grill, leaving the meat hot, rounded and juicy. But I'm a bigger fan of the french fries.

I'm American. I know what a good ass burger and fries should taste like, and I know how to make a hamburger; but those fries of his! My, my, my.....
For one thing, they have the skin intact and are cut thick by this hand-pressed slicer. Then deep-fried to a brown crunchiness and tossed with a pinch of salt. Literally. I top mine off with ground black pepper and drizzle over this particular green chili soy sauce concoction he has. I eat these fries almost every day and, yet - damn! - my beach body doesn't go away. Booyah!

I eat french fries every day and still look great. 
Don't hate on it. Holla!

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  1. That pic is heart attack-inducing. They say there is no such thing as a perfect physique. That pic proves otherwise!


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