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Aeromexico's slow response

In an untimely, but typical, fashion the Mexican airlines Aeromexico got back to me regarding my query about changing flight plans due to a death in the family.

Their reply: 

Thank you for contacting us.
Regarding to your question, I should let you know we are able to waive the penalty fee only for sickness or death of a direct relative, like parents, siblings and offspring, in order to do so, we need you to send the death certificate.
I will be waiting for your response.
Customer Relations Representative

My reply:
Thank you for finally replying -- a full week later!
I tried every means of contacting Aeromexico - email, telephone, direct counter service at the airport - in a speedy fashion and no one from the company could give me a satisfactory answer/solution to the problem. My grandmother's funeral is tomorrow, thank you very little; And there is nothing to be done about this flight ticket now.

You Mexicans talk a big game about la familia but when it comes to dealing with a corporation you are no better than the gringos you claim to be selfish capitalists. The only thing that matters is money and how much of it results in your profit. Well, fuck you. I will be very leery of flying with Aeromexico in the future. Price is important but customer relations is crucial. Your slow customer service ranks right down there with Oxxo and Farmacia Guadalajara. 



  1. Sincerest condolences upon the death of your grandmother. Thoughts are with you!

    While I can understand the airline requirements (sort of), I simply can't understand or comprehend the poor and slow service. It's really inexcusable.

  2. It's very inexcusable! They nickle & dime you at every turn of 'service' but take forever to do anything on their end.


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