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Friendly black customer service...for a change

Yesterday I went to a Citibank branch near George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to exchange foreign currency. Not only was it painless and unbeaurocratic (some businesses - and banks are a business, baby - require one be an account holder in order to use their services)  but the women employees, all black, were very friendly and personable to me. Everybody greeted me with a loud, "Hello. Welcome!"

This so surprised the hell out of me I looked around for a candid camera!
the "service" tends to be heavy on attitude and light on smiles
Why? Because black women are typically, if not damn near always, nasty and antagonizing; for a man as dark and un-thuggish as me the "service" tends to be heavy on attitude and light on smiles. If I can help it I seek out a white and/or male employee for any assistance I may need. I kid you not. 

But these ladies were genuinely nice to me and, as I log my travel experiences blackpacking here and yonder, it would be unfair to not share this one. After all, it is not everyday I'm treated with respect and professionalism from black women. For the record: No, I didn't spot any hidden 'gotcha' camera.    

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