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Dirty, lazy roommates - Berlin

Finally had enough of these dirty, lazy ass flatmates and moved out. I'm not someone who needs his own place. Just a bit of clean space and consideration. I can share living space -- so long as I'm not the only one doing the sharing.

stress-free living is worth more than cheap rent
For two months I made the most of an irritating - albeit extremely cheap and convenient - living situation by spending lots of time in the gym; buying air freshener and dish washing soap; fresh flowers for the apartment (and bedroom); washing dishes; separating refuse and taking out the recyclables; emptying the overfilled ashtrays; buying a bedside lamp so I could read in bed; an infrared lamp (to relax and recuperate from the work-outs); a radio/alarm clock; It even got to the point where I bought my own cookware and cutlery because all the dishes in the house were dirty -- despite having an operable dish washing machine!
Some able-bodied men are just downright lazy and filthy. These are the people who largely live by hand-outs 
But, frugal or not, one has his breaking point. Peace of mind and stress-free living is worth more than cheap rent. I was fed up with it all: the piles of dirty dishes that filled the kitchen sink for weeks on end...the perpetually wet throw-rug in the bathroom...the stench of cigarette smoke...stolen foods from the refrigerator...piles of overflowing garbage in the kitchen which, consequently, attracted swarms of fruit flies. One side of the wall was covered with them and they were, naturally, beginning to invade other areas of the apartment. With winter fast approaching I foresaw rodents and possibly roaches joining the lot. Plus, my tuxedo jacket was stolen!

Some able-bodied men are just downright lazy and filthy. These are the people who can stand living in filth -- and largely live by hand-outs anyway.
When I abruptly decided to get the hell out of there last Thursday I was more than open to paying twice as much rent for new digs; But, as it so happens, I just might move in with a friend -- and for less. 

Free at last! 
Free at last! 
Thank God I know
Freedom is mobilitay!

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