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I love to wrestle

I love to wrestle. Every time I'm in Berlin I head to the wrestling club in Kreuzberg. It's an informal, non-competitive group of German guys who are very new to actual sport technique. I've never been able to locate any other groups (for example, Turkish wrestlers) although I know they're a few around town. But on Sunday I found - finally! - the Bundesliga Ringen via photos posted on the Wrestling World web log (see side panel) 

SV Luftfahrt is the club which represents Berlin in competitions. They are competitive, skilled on the mat, and its athletes have been at the sport for years. That's where I need to start going! 

It just so happened a competition was taking place on Sunday when I found them online; so I hopped on the metro and went straight away!
It was great to see and hear those familiar wrestling tournament sounds. I caught the tail end of it (apparently it started earlier than the poster announces) but didn't pay full price to get it so I was cool about it. And, anyway, I got a schedule of future tourneys and contact info for SV Luftfahrt so, as we say in urbania, it's all good in the hood.

Wow, a job and apartment plus a new gym membership, and now I find a real competitive wrestling club (to hopefully train with). This has been a great last couple of weeks!

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