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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Apollo Sports Club (Berlin)


After months and months I'm back in the gym! Partly due to (lack of)money and partly due to my rare immobility I was not in a position to pony up for any gym fees.

No More. Now I have a short-term membership in this rather posh gym in Schoeneberg  heroically named Apollo Sports Club. I found it via the International Gym locator (see side panel). It's not at all the sort of place I would seek out. I prefer bare bones, sweaty hardcore weightrooms that are cheap, full of free weights and men who wear uncoordinated sweats versus matching designer stuff -- and cologne. Ugh! Well...the sports club is on the fancy side and very, very un-hardcore BUT, surprisingly, it is also one of the few gyms in my price range and walking distance from my apartment. Plus I dig saunas (there is not one, but four!), low decimal music and free dance classes so joining Apollo Sports Club was a no-brainer.
Unisex sauna will take getting used to.
Some things are just too German for my tastes.
(If only everyone who disrobed were as young and beautiful...)

And something I've never seen in any gym are walls decorated with paintings! Physique paintings and photography adorn the three-story facility from top to bottom. Now that's class. Between the free-weights, sauna(s) and Zumba class I've a new home away from home.
Time to pump!!   


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