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Fundburo (Lost & Found)


As the saying goes, When in Rome..., only in this case Rome is Berlin and the very model German behaviour is returning lost items. (I would not so generously suggest turning oneself into a German. Nein, nein, nein. They are worrisomely serious (note the italics) about recycling, animal rights, and Green power.)

At least three times last month I found lost items on the subway in Berlin. One was a pair of ladies winter gloves then there was something else and the one I'm most proud of was a cellular phone. Don't misunderstand: I'm not bragging. Last winter I hopped off the bus to run and catch the S-Bahn line. Unfortunately my phone stayed behind on the bus. You can read about it here.

So...I saw this as a golden apple dropped by Atlanta, a test of conscience, an opportunity to complete the circle and repay the good that was done me. I ran ahead to the conductor and tapped on the window, waving the phone. He took his hand off the gear and rolled down the window. He smiled, "Ja, bitte?" (In NYC the smug motherfucker would've flat out ignored me and kept on roaring through that rat infested, poor excuse of a metropolitan subway system. I highly doubt American Lost & Found's have many reclaimed items. We have a saying: Finders keepers, losers weepers; or even more melodramatically heartless, Too bad, too sad.) 

"Someone lost this handy," I quickly explained and added in my limited German, "Fundburo?"

"Oh! Okay," he said. "Danke! Auf wiedersehen."

The exchange was so typically German I almost half-expected to turn around and see youth in liederhosen playing the tuba. Off he went into the tunnel and off I went to wrestling practice.

It was a really nice phone, too. Then again, temptation is rarely un-pretty. 

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