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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Crossfit crossing my mind

Last Saturday morning I tried an introductory Crossfit workout at Crossfit Mean Streets in downtown Los Angeles. Loved it (as I knew I would)!

It wasn't easy or fun - in the ha-ha sense - mainly because one is grasping air to breath let alone any extra wind to laugh. By fun I mean it's exciting, fast, challenging, and very, very kick-ass. 
That's my instructor Ronnie in skins

When I first happened upon the gym (in Crossfit lingo it's known as a 'box') strolling one uneventful sunny Sunday morning my hand was in a splint owing to a boxer's fracture injury. That was a month ago. Once it was removed a couple of weeks later I went and sat in on a training session, which only stoked me more! I knew I could do the drills - pull-ups, squat-thrusts, rowing machine, etc. - if I joined up but I wasn't foolish enough to think it would be a cinch; BUT I KNEW I COULD DO IT.

And I did. The intro routine that Saturday morning (I did not want to leave my warm bed!) made me wish 1) I was back in bed snug and cozy under the blankets and 2) that I was in better shape. Man, was I getting winded! As a longtime athlete, though, I know that all growth requires discomfort..."no pain, no gain" isn't just some smug, meathead mantra. Or to use another cliche: if it were easy.... That's right, you know the rest.

Our introductory workout consisted of 500meters row followed by 21 kettlebell swing followed by 6 kettlebell shoulder presses (per arm); repeated three times as quickly as possible. The warm-up was a stretching walk holding a plastic rod over head, 15 squats with plastic rod over head, 15 crunches, 10-15 push-ups. At the end of the hour our instructor, awesome young, Ronnie Teasdale (also the hardcore gym owner) congratulated us and then dropped the bomb: our workout is what the regular attendees do for a under 8 mins. Hello!

I finished it in 12 mins (and breathed as much a gust of relief as I had left in me).  


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