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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
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Walgreens clerk never before saw a passport

Now the liquor law in Indiana, for one, requires customers show proof of age for purchase if they look less than forty years old. Why not just mark it at the retirement age of 65?! This ought to be an insult to every grown-up Hoosier. The things a lazy or short-sighted constituency permits lawmakers to pass.
being a native "gee-iieee!" the woman had never likely even seen a passport let alone own one
A few days past I went to a Walgreens in Gary, Indiana, to buy some wine. For identification I showed the cashier girl my passport to which she hesistated. "I don't think we can accept this for identification," she hedged. Huh? See, being a native "gee-iieee!" ("Gary, Indiana" citizen for those unfamiliar with the irrational regional pride) the woman had never likely even seen a passport let alone owns one. "I'll need to call the manager," she said.


I didn't move from my place in line. We all waited. 

In short order the white manager arrived and, of course, confirmed for her with a bewildered smile, "Yeah that's good. It's a passport. Sorry for the wait, sir."

Some people NEVER learn there's a whole world outside of their precious hometown. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pitiful....


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