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---Mark Twain


Berolina Backpacker (Berlin - Charlottenburg)

Last year I wrote about my stay here (earlier review). This time around the rates were a little higher, but still very cheap, and included a 10€ key deposit. As usual I booked a dorm room and lucked out with my favorite, Room 104! I like it because it is on the first -- technically second --floor and receives Internet connection.

Unfortunately, though, the free Internet provider the hostel uses is a pain in the ass. Oftentimes the system just keeps looping the user back to a stupid homepage instead of where one wants to go, and it constantly needs re-engagement. Arrgh! It was enough to make a brother move into a slightly more pricey and packed hostel over in Kreuzberg just for the peace of mind of using working wi-fi. 

Also, when I went to check-out the receptionist almost didn't refund my key deposit -- because I didn't have my room receipt. Huh?! It's called a key deposit not a receipt deposit. Damn straight I got back my ten euros. The girl was pleasant and professional about it and returned the money "because" she found the hostel's receipt copy but still.... Can you believe that ¡#@%!? Keep me near the cross....

Berolina Backpacker
Stugggarter Platz 17
Charlottenburg, Berlin
+49 (0)30.3270.9072
facsimile: +49 (0)30.3270.9073

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