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Help Angel Wings help Haiti

If you think I have adventures, then you don't know my old teammate and friend Carl Drew. He's loco about Life (and probably just a little plain loco, too). He likes climbing cold mountains and visiting dangerous parts of the world in bad weather. And now he has a partner in all of this craziness---his wife!

Last week Carl & Heather flew to Haiti to assist Angel Wings International. Of their own accord they went on a 7-day round-trip BUT have made the personal commitment to stay there until the two of them raise $5000 for the charity. Willing to be stuck in Haiti?! Told you they were loco!

Since arriving on March 31st the couple has raised more than half (all right!); but they still have less than halfway to go to completion.
Here's part of  today's email and snapshots from Carl: 

   "Over the past 3 days we have helped to treat over 100 patients.  Much of our time is spent worked alongside the medical staff as assistants and helping Angel Wings prepare for continual rotations of medical staff and support....Many of the NGO’s and Governmental agencies have begun to pull out of the country, and in the wake of the devastation remains cities of people who have no access to even the most basic of medical care."

Mr&Mrs Drew love helping out but they really don't want to be left stranded there. If interested in aiding their mission click Carl's fundraising site.

And to follow the development of Angel Wings International

Hope this helps, buddy!

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