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Don't trust Jack (Tijuana)

- is the email to beware. The wolf in friend's clothing behind that address is one "Jack Smith". It ain't his real name - that would be, as per the police report, Steve Stanley Singer - and he'll probably take on another one by the time you read this. I doubt even if Singer is his real last name; but whether the business email and/or the pseudonym changes this much won't (see pic): 
the house that 'Jack' subdivides 

Jack frequently posts ads on Craigslist. 
He targets foreigners fleeing the rip-off rents of southern Cali -- only his comparatively cheap rates are rip-offs too! Why pay $400 for sleeping on someone's couch when you can have your own furnished room for $240? He announces. Wow, great. That is, until you get down to TJ - he always offers to meet you at the border - and see the dry-walled closet space that's a far ass cry from the nice-looking bedroom in the ad.  The room will likely be "only" $20 or $40 dollars above the advertised price, too. His biggest prey are young men - low on cash and brains - whom he regales with marijuana and Red Light District tales. What could be better than getting high, laid, and jewed out of your money? Either way you slice it, champ, you're getting screwed in Mexico. But, hey, at least you're sticking it to the Man. Yah!

A tour of the place includes the "temporary" upstair kitchen ("just until we finish remodeling the one downstair"), the three bathrooms, the rooftop where Jack/Steve will start his hairbrain scheme of growing organic tomatoes. Conveniently not mentioned are the following facts:

  • the house is roach infested to the hilt; especially the kitchen!!
  • toilets sometimes flush
  • gas (i.e., hot water) is always running out
  • his useless dogs shit all over the place
  • his barracks of children keep up noise (as kids are want to do)
  • the whole neighborhood hates him and shuns his family (for good reason)
  • "maid service" is a joke
  • "wifi service" is a joke
  • he and Flor, his undocumented common law breeder, won't return your deposit without a hassle
  • oh, and everything he just smiled to you about is 98-99.7% bullshit
Jack/Steve is a consummate liar and scumbag. So too is the indigenous piece of tail he still, after six kids, refers to as a 'girlfriend'; two peas in a pod. I imagine one day he will abscond, leaving Flor and her undocumented brood to fend for themselves. Such are the ways of a convicted con man. 
His biggest prey are young men low on cash (and brains) whom he regales with marijuana and Red Light District tales
As mentioned, I and other renters are now suing the bastards for failing to return our housing deposits. Unlike so many other travellers we did not leave the country when we moved out; thus Jack's concocted excuses, including convenient family emergencies (the latest was Flor's abortion), wilt in the light of Reality and he still has to contend with us. That's why he targets foreigners: less chance of these renters having the time to fight for their money back. It would be so much easier if the man and wife were honest and did not regard deposits as free money -- or people as marks.

By the way, the rent for his dump is not a bargain either. While the house has its good points, with just a smidgen more effort one can find better and more adequate apts in Tijuana for cheaper or slightly higher rent.

The tourist scam sits on the corner of Calle Santa Teresita & Calle Juan O. Robles (Col. Buena Vista). 858.779.4309


  1. Anonymous6/24/2015

    Great blog and great post on Jack...or should say "Jack"! This guy is scum of the earth. I rented a room for 1 month thought it was going to be a blast to stay in TJ and work in SD but, no, this sleezy guy had lied EVERY TIME HIS MOUTH OPENED. A real loser who feels big in TJ with his "roach motel" and mexican litter.

    Im sharing this blog with all my friends!!

    1. Good for you! Glad you like my web log. I know for a fact I'm not the only one who encountered this piece of shit and want to get the word out. Thanks for sharing this post with your friends.

  2. Anonymous6/24/2015

    Thanks for writing this. I was at Jack's and got the hell out! Jack/Steve is human shit. I heard he pimps Flora...can't feel sorry for her though because she is trash too.


    1. Anonymous7/05/2015

      STEVE aka pathetic liar, loser, MANIPULATOR is 100% human filth, period. None of his stories ever made sense he just lies, lies, lies, I think, to feel important. I do feel sorry for Flora because I know women trapped in relationship with bad men and STEVE/JACK IS A BAD MAN. tijuana sucks their in the right place.
      DIRTY HOUSE FULL OF ROACHES. Corrupt people in corrupt Mexico. Of course!

      So happy to be away from Jack and TJ.
      God bless you,


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