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European landlord a duck in the wrong Pond

Some landlords have Gov't complexes when it comes to renting their spaces: they want to know everything about you and be all up in your business. Or you can think of it as playing Mother; with their house rules regarding what the renter can and can not do under "their roof."

grandpa this ain't 1952 anymore!
While apt-hunting in Baja California I came across just such a post on Craigslist. The building is listed in Playas de Tijuana - supposedly the nicer area of town seeing as how it is near the beach (playas is Spanish for beach), populated with English-speaking foreigners and, subsequently, charges higher rents - and advertised as U.S. STANDARDS. But, according to the long-winded ad, renters can't have company over -- unless they fork over an additional $60USD per night. Wtf?! The wanker is charging $400/month for a supposedly private apartment and has the gall to dictate the limits to how one socializes -- like he's running a YMCA?! Wake up grandpa this ain't 1952 anymore!

Anglo-Francophile landlord should return his pink hide across the Pond and live under Big Brother since he approves of it so much
A check of the personal contact of the advertiser reveals a United Kingdom email address with a Frenchy handle. The U.K. is one of the countries with the most prevalent surveillance. It was also, you might recall, the inspiration for George Orwell's 1984. And France is, well, French -- and socialist. It sounds like this Anglo-Francophile expat landlord should return his pink hide back across the Pond and live under Big Brother socialism since he approves of it so much. Don't want families/pets/smokers/children? Then stipulate it. This is Mexico for fuck's sake not litigious 
USA/UK/Germany where political correctness forces people to lie. 

I wasn't interested in this ad - apart from a geriatric who in the hell would? - but was put off enough to email the owner about his hubris. This is how he replied (do notice the funny characters alongside the iPhone. Suddenly the greediness all makes sense):   

FUCK OFF YOU BLOODY BASTARD! If I don't like u r not obligated to stay with us. We charge extra to prevent tenants from bringing the entire family as many of u tried to do it in the several occasions. Do u get it stupid!
iPhone Россия/אןלימןר גיירמן 

Well! Wonder what finishing school the poor chap went to.

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