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The Allen Lee Hotel (Washington, DC)

When I visited Washington, D.C. (for the first time, incidentally) I stayed with relatives the first few days then, for my last two days, took a room at The Allen Lee to be in the thick of it all (museums, historical walks, statues, Capitol Hill, etc.). It's in the neighborhood of the George Washington University. 

I booked the room over the phone that very morning. Can't remember if I reserved with a credit card but, as usual, I paid in cash upon arrival. Check-in was uncomplicated and, known for low rates mine was super sweet. When I called, the owner or manager happened to pick up and, as I just decided against a similar small hotel due to its price which, coincidentally, he also owned, he gave me a rate lower than typical. Cool! It must have been usual because the guys working Reception were visibly surprised. 
It's not pretentious or purposely retro but it was clean, quiet, comfortable
The Allen Lee is a an older building with wooden stairs and banisters and floor boards which might creak. For me, it was added charm. The lobby is small but well maintained with contemporary furniture and free newspapers. There's also a table with complimentary coffee/tea. Free Wifi is accessible here but, by my room being directly above on the second floor, I was able to pick up the signal. 

 It's a hotel and my room was a single, equipped with mini refrigerator, microwave, and old television; a chair, sink & mirror, dresser and closet. And comfortable bed. Apart from the appliances the spartan furnishings were dated - I can well imagine a '70s salesman staying here - but, again, I find that charming. Note: the toilets and showers are in the hall. It's not pretentious or purposely retro but it was clean, quiet, comfortable.

(see pics from my stroll through Capitol Hill)
So long as a place is reasonably priced for budget travelers, courteous, clean and offers free wifi (or Internet access) I'm a happy camper. Oh, and the hotel isn't far walking distance from the subway station, Foggy Bottom, an added advantage for us travelers who don't like to spend money on cabs (but hate regretting it, too). If you've stayed at this hotel I'd like to know what you thought of it.

The Allen Lee Hotel website

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