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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
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---Mark Twain


Apt-hunting in Los Angeles (FLAKES)

Apartment hunting is work enough but, man, the stress isn't lessened any by
renters who are too #@%! lazy to return calls, queries, or even remove their ads. It's so inconsiderate.

On January 2d I travelled to Los Angeles to move into an apt. Everything was solid. We exchanged face pics, contact numbers, and several emails. For what it's worth, the listing was on Craigslist. On the afternoon I was to be there I sent an email and text msg to confirm that someone would be at the house at the appointed hour. Our communique was good so when I didn't hear back after a little while I sent another text msg. 
The reply came back:
Someone come already. 
He begged and had money. Sorry.

Sorry? Sorry?! Man, fuck your sorry!! Unbelievable. This asshole (speaking retrospectively, of course; I wouldn't knowingly want to co-habitate -and, yes, that is a real word - with an asshole. He seemed a nice guy up to the point where he reneged on our mutual understanding and screwed me out of a room) couldn't wait three more hours until we met face-to-face and come to a decision afterwards on which of the two to whom he would rent? Flake! Since he made the decision with his heart and greedy palm I hope the beggar man pulls a Jekyll/Hyde on their asses. 

Sorry but I am not wishing them a happy new year. Hello!    

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