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The Blue Pepper Hostel (Guadalajara)

The Blue Pepper is not, I warn you, bedecked in blue decor nor are pepper motifs crowded around the place. As far as I could learn, the name references the common imagery from Huichol peyote experiences. A mural in the court yard depicts such a story in fantastic colors.

Now onto the hostel: Located on a quiet street near Ave Chapultepec, Blue Pepper is nicely equipped with a couple of private rooms and, of course, dorms; a community kitchen and court yard  - with hammock, basketball rim and patio seating for eating (and smoking) - make up the ground floor along with the Commons which has a pool table and flat screen TV. One computer is available for guest use but there is also wi-fi. The drawback to this arrangement is that one cannot enjoy a movie or video game if people are playing pool -- and vice versa! Either way, it oftentimes equals a distraction to the guest using the lone computer. 
the name of the hostel references the common imagery from Huichol peyote experiences
 Another irritant very typical of hostels in Spanish-speaking lands is having to be continually buzzed in and out of the place. Admittedly this is a safety issue but, nonetheless, it is still a nuisance especially as someone wasn't always sitting behind the desk owing to the prevalent laid-back atmosphere. Don't misunderstand: the chill vibe of the hostel and staff is cool. Staff were not unprofessional  at all.

Oh yes: Linen and breakfast are included in your stay. The breakfast even includes eggs (which I don't eat) and often times the Mexican dish chilaquiles.
As I had just slept at Oasis Hostel I received a discount on my initial booking! This offer works both ways for those leaving Blue Pepper for a visit to Vallarta.

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