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Delayed flight from GDL to LAX

Delta flight from Guadalajara was delayed -- by four hours!
This I learn whilst already in the cab en route to the airport. The company called my Mexican mobile to inform about the flight's delay; it just wound up actually being twice the estimated time. I guess it was due to the sudden intense downpour that hit the city minutes after I got into the cab.
Seriously Delta?! I am sure you can afford to spend more than $8usd per customer

As a token, Delta issued a meal voucher to Wings. Great! I was starving like Marvin but didn't want to exchange any more currency. Its value was $100mxp.
Check-in was hassle-free. (Actually, check-in in most terminals outside of the US and UK are hassle-free and, thankfully, TSA-free...Western powers still suffer with that paranoid white superiority chip on their shoulders. Who knew?) Turns out the one-hundred pesos was just that: a token. Not even enough to buy an order of oh, say, wings! Seriously Delta?! I am sure you can afford to spend more than $8usd per customer. I certainly spent far more than that for the plane ticket -- and, maybe, six to eight different tax fees. In case you are wondering, I ordered a soup. Big fukin' whoop.

Once the plane did take off the flying was easy breezy and we landed in LAX well after midnight. The flight was fine, by the way. I think I remember getting a coffee on board. Since it was the wee hours of the next morning - but still hours before check-in time - I 'slept' in the terminal and went to my hostel in the morning proper. Am not one for sleeping whilst sitting up but I probably dozed off for a good twenty minutes throughout the night. Hello Independence Day (from Great Britain)!  

(Still I give Delta big marks for remembering that antiquated ideal of customer service. They phoned to give me an update on the status of the flight - in second-language English - and a token meal voucher and the counter reps were friendly as well as professional.) 

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