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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


A pleasant day at Schlachtensee (BERLIN)

Pools and lakes are nice places to partake
when it's hot outside and you need a break.

I am apprehensive of the public pools here in Berlin. The reason is loud and clear: too many rowdy Turkish boys. Their uncouth antics and selfishness only molest the otherwise tranquility and would, undoubtedly, piss me off, besides. Some people just can't be let out of the house.

apprehensive of the public pools...too many rowdy Turkish boys
At a loss of where to go - and feeling hot, hot, hot - a couple of the hostel's staff recommended I travel down towards Wannsee and get off at 'Schlachtensee' (see is German for lake). "You'll like it," they said. "It's's's easy to find." Well, I grew up along the lakes and I do like bodies of natural water.

Why not?

It was no problem remembering the train stop -- because nearly the entire train emptied there. Sometimes following the crowd is helpful.  Sure enough, it was pleasant and plenty green and, yes, easy to find. Right out of the train station and - baam! - there you are: at the lake. It was a little hard, though, finding a free spot to lay my towel but that proved to be a minor detail. Plus I got to break out my new bathing suit.

a quiet read under the trees
a natural repose, so at ease
a thumbs-up for Schlachtensee

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