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USA Hostels - Hollywood (California)

Barring the lackluster name, which sounds a lot like a cash-grab operated by an unimaginative foreigner, USA Hostels are a very, very good stay -- and very creative, too. There are three locations in California - Hollywood, San Francisco, San Diego - and I hope there will be others in the future.

USA Hostels - Hollywood is two blocks from Hollywood Blvd near the old post office. The website listed Hollywood/Highland metro stop (red line) but I tried it and strongly suggest if you are coming via the subway to get off at Hollywood/Vine instead. I feel it is closer and, owing to less sidewalk congestion, more convenient to walk with luggage. I heard about this hostel from an Aussie tourist who slept in the same room as me at H.I.-Santa Monica. So glad I did.     

The company has an easy booking system and accept cash payments without charging a fee to your card. Unfortunately, they accept no bookings without a money card. While it is an outstanding hostel I find this antagonism towards hard currency off-putting. Some people have bad credit history but for some people it is a matter of cultural or religious beliefs that respect actual money over plastic.
if you are coming via the subway get off at Hollywood/ is closer and, owing to less sidewalk congestion, more convenient to walk with luggage
The Reception know their stuff and are organized and happy about it -- the way it should be. A worker collects you from Reception and shows you to your room following a quick tour (Here is the kitchen...laundry room...lounge,etc) of the place. Each bed is equipped with a personal reading light and two power outlets plus the lockers inside the rooms have an additional two power outlets inside them. This set-up is great for safely charging, say, a laptop while you're away. So absolutely considerate!

I slept in the shared room next door to the lounge/bar but the noise was not so bad. (At any rate, like any self-respecting establishment, less attractive rooms cost less; being right next to the hang-out room is understandably undesirable...ergo, USA Hostels charges about three dollars less for this room. Can't beat it!) As for the lounge/bar it lives up to its name: comfortable sofas, flat screen TVs, board games, books, cheap booze and, yes, it was always full of guests having a good time. While I was there there was even a late night show of local stand-up comedians. You might think tourists would be drawn to 'live it up' in Hollywood but, I gotta say, most of the guests must've been distracted by the fun they were already having.
one of the best features of USA Hostels is the FREE pancake breakfasts 
But one of the best features of USA Hostels is the FREE pancake breakfasts (and large commercial kitchen)! Not some cheap ass bagels and shit coffee but loads of already prepared pancake batter, which you cook yourself, w/, coffee, tea, fruit juice, fresh fruits and toast. There is FREE wifi but no free computer consoles; however guests are allowed to get online for the purposes of printing out boarding tickets and such.  

1624 Shrader Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

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