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Hungarian pianist in Vallarta

One does not often find high culture in Puerto Vallarta for the simple reason that high culture isn't in Puerto Vallarta. Sure, there are oodles and oodles of time-share condominiums and fancy schmancy 'fine dining'. But those don't fall under the category of art. Not really. Only a retarded person eats paints or canvases.

But last week a slice of European fine art was in town. Hungarian award-winning pianist, Gergely Bogányi, performed Liszt and Chopin works for one-night only. I aimed to go.

The posters informed that tickets were available at TicketMaster inside Liverpool, a popular department store chain in Mexico, as well as at the box office. Since I was spending a day-trip to Sayulita that day I thought to buy my ticket at Liverpool before getting on the bus that morning. That way I had but to get home, shower, dress and head to the theatre. Well!

Turns out the department store had no TicketMaster and no longer sold tickets...and that this change took effect just "four days ago." Are you shitting me? Really?! I might've been really perturbed were I in any other land BUT being familiar with Mexico one becomes, oh, jaded, with their typical shoddiness. It is typical that the cash register rings up a price higher than what's labled on the shelf and since the cash register is a computer it must be correct (I have no qualms about putting the item back which means she has to call the manager who has a secret key for cancelling items.) But I digress.

After a day at the beach plus the loooong uncomfortable ride back to Vallarta I was a little pooped. And since I did not already have a ticket to attend the piano concert I was suddenly in no mood to be bothered with it. Had I had the ticket I would have looked forward to the show and downed an espresso for fortification; but since I didn't, I didn't.

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